[2011] StarRider - Follow Your Star

OS0015 (‎Orange Stripes)

Gerald Gartlehner [img]https://spacesynth.ru/images/flags/at.png[/img]

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Тип: альбом
Производитель: Германия
Год издания: 2011
Номер #: OS0015 (‎‎Orange Stripes)
Продолжительность: 00:55:23

01. Beyond Life
02. Searching For You
03. Space Tape
04. God's Reason
05. Lost Control
06. Still Remember
07. Final Fate
08. Someday
09. Into The Future
10. Follow Your Star

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Купить релиз в разных цифровых форматах, в т.ч. и в WAV можно на сайте https://www.beatport.com
(обложки к покупке не прилагаются ...)

Если кто-то может качественно перевести - биография с soundcloud.com

In the year 1985 Gerald Gartlehner alias "StarRider" first saw the Lights of the World in Steyr, upper Austria, born three days too late. When StarRider was a child, he soon was impressed of astronomy books his also musically mother gave to him. At the age of seven years Gerald began to worry about his Tapedeck when he pressed the Record Button; There was a microphone built in which gave him the chance to create his first rythms. 1997 Gerald got his first Midi Keyboard, a Personal Computer and a simple Tracker Program, which made it possible to create his first own electronic tracks. 2004 he composed his first Hit Track "Pass the Time", played many times on Radios and rushing the junior charts on Radio Sunshine Live and others. Gerald's Style is a mixture between Spacesynth, Trance and Electronica; His mind always tries to mix old and new sounds to a neverheard experience, this is the engine for his music. The Sound he produces is like himself; Dreaming away, honestly, energetic and always on a Journey to the Stars and further beyond.

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Спасибо огромное за информацию!

Перевёл биографию как смог, посмотреть можно в корне раздела:

Также привёл в порядок тему, добавил треки для предпрослушивания и ссылку на покупку альбома.

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