Tribute to Amateras

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The SpaceSynth.Ru community would like to prepare a compilation with remixes that would be dedicated to the missing talented composer Kenji Tanaka (Amateras). Each of the composers could choose one of Kenji’s track and remix it. The compilation will be released as free digital download + CD with a booklet for fans, which will contains photos and the history of his projects.
Deadline for submission of works: September 29, 2019

Requirements applied to tracks for the CD release

  1. All tracks shall be in WAV format with 44.1 kHz sampling frequency and 16 bit depth.
  2. To avoid clipping, the volume shall not exceed 0 dB. The amplitude levels of the loudest peak shall not exceed –3 dBFS on the digital scale.
  3. Disable all plugins on the master bus: equalizers, compressors, limiters and other goodizers. Apply them to channels or groups of channels. The mix shall sound good on the master bus without further processing, which is already the mastering engineer’s task. If the track sounds too quiet or the frequency characteristics change when you disable plugins on the master bus, readjust the channels in order to make the track sound good without master bus processing.
  4. Avoid fadeouts. These are usually applied as one of the final mastering steps, following the dynamic processing. If you want your track to fade out, provide a text file with technical notes for the audio engineer, e.g.: fadeout – from 5:27.
  5. Make sure you have at least 1 second of silence before and after the track.
The audio engineer may probably ask you to correct the frequencies of some part of the mix, etc.

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